Yummy Yogurt Gummies!

I finally mastered making homemade gummies with these yummy yogurt gummies! You guys, I have been trying to make homemade gummies for at least 3 years. First of all, I love gummies and wanted to make my own. Then, when I realized you could add probiotics to your homemade gummies (you know, for gut health), I was jazzed. But each batch was grosser than the first. I couldn’t even get Grace to eat them (and she eats almost everything).

But then, as I was spoon feeding Claire her second dish of yogurt this afternoon, my lazy self thought, ‘I sure wish she could feed herself yogurt’; and BAM, an idea was born. Yogurt gummies. To my delight, they turned out amazing! In fact, Claire and I already ate the first batch.

grass fed

A few notes on the ingredients:

  • Use good quality gelatin. Gelatin is packed with protein that is easy to digest. My youngest is a bit of a picky eater, and while I know I don’t need to worry, I still feel better when she eats more quality fat and protein. These gummies are a good way to get those in her little body.
  • Use good quality yogurt. I got this grass-fed yogurt at my local health food store and I love it. Grass-fed yogurt is higher in Vitamin K2, which most of us don’t get enough of. If you can’t get grass-fed yogurt, choose a good quality organic yogurt instead.
  • I used vanilla to flavour these, but you could use anything! Blend up some blueberries and strawberries to make berry yogurt flavoured gummies; or try frozen mangoes or cherries with a bit of lime juice. Don’t eat yogurt? Just use blended fruit as the entire base. Still delicious. The possibilities are actually endless.
  • I used these silicone molds for mine. They are reusable, easy to clean, and the shapes are adorable. You can also make chocolates in them (or these) for a fun little snack. Don’t want to wait? Pour the mix into a pan and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes (like Jell-o Jigglers from 1991).

On to the recipe:

Yummy Yogurt Gummies

Delicious, healthy gummies you can make at home!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt (use one with fat, please!)
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup (adjust to your taste preference)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
  • pinch sea salt
  • 1 tbsp good quality gelatin


  1. Stir the yogurt, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt together in a small pot or saucepan. 

  2. Sprinkle with the gelatin. Don't stir! Allow to stand for 3 minutes while the gelatin 'blooms'.

  3. Place the pot/pan on the stove on medium heat. Stirring frequently, heat gently until the gelatin dissolves (this takes about 3-5 minutes). 

  4. When gelatin is completely dissolved, taste it to make sure you like it. If not, adjust the sweetness or add a bit more salt. Remove from heat and spoon into your molds.

  5. Place in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. They are done when you can easily pop them out of the mold. 

  6. Enjoy frozen or thawed! Yum!!!