Recipe Club: September Edition


Recipe Club!

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Arg, summer is over – we are right back to school days, making lunches, and eating real dinners. If this has you anxious, don’t worry, I’m starting a recipe club! Here is how it works: sign up and receive 5 days’ worth of simple, healthy, and delicious recipes each week for the whole month of September. To keep things fun, I’ll also have a private Facebook group for us to share our experiences, tweaks you made to the recipes, and photos of your creations! This way we have group support built into the program that will keep us cooking, even when life is busy.

Recipes will be delicious, simple, gluten-free, and can be easily adapted for those who are vegetarian. They will be easy to make and will focus on locally grown, late summer and early fall staples. YUM!!! The recipes are in a mix/match format so you can “choose your own adventure” without feeling like you’re on some kind of restrictive meal plan (FYI: this definitely isn’t a meal plan). The main goal of this club is FUN and cooking in a community (with healthy, homemade food).

  • Cost: $45 for the month
  • Info: Sign up and you’ll receive your first week of meal inspiration on August 31. The next batch will arrive the following Friday, and so on until September 21.