Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating

Want to stop feeling crazy around food? Tired of restrictive diets? Want to eat ‘normally’? Food freedom is possible for you. Yes, you!

Intuitive Eating will help you make peace with food forever.  Check out this and this to learn a little bit more about what Intuitive Eating is and how it can help. If you are ready to give Intuitive Eating a try, but want a helping hand, I am here to help.

  • 12 Weeks to Food Freedom ($750): Restore your relationship with food with this intensive 12 week program rooted in self-discovery, self-care, and gentle guidance. You and I will meet together once a week for 12 weeks to help you shift out of the diet mentality and into Intuitive Eating, and find food freedom forever. Not sure if this is for you? Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call and find out if we are a good fit.

Not sure you are ready for such an intensive program? No problem! You are welcome to work with me 1:1 or join my 21-day Intro to Intuitive Eating group program instead.

  • 1:1 Intuitive Eating Coaching: Ready to ditch dieting for good, but want 1:1 support to get there? Meet with me on an ad hoc basis to get the support that you need. The first two sessions come as a package deal and cost $150. I will use that time to get to know you, your relationship with food, and get you set up with a specific Intuitive Eating plan. We can meet as frequently as you like after that. These follow-up sessions last 45 mins/1 hour and cost $65 each.
  • Intro to Intuitive Eating Group Program: Interested in intuitive eating with the support of a group? Every 3 months, I host a 21-day Intro to Intuitive Eating program so you can begin to shift your relationship with food, your brain, and your body. How does it work? I will post one new Intuitive Eating challenge to a private Facebook Group every day. The group will have firm ground rules and will be a strong social support as you make significant life changes. Then, we meet up face to face once a week (Sundays from 10:30-11:30 at Jess Hart Nutrition HQ) to chat about our experiences that week, ask questions, and learn from one another. Call, email, Facebook, or text to register. Payment is required to register for the program. Registration fees are transferrable, but not refundable.
    -When: May 6-27, 2018
    -Cost: $75/person
    -Where: On Facebook & Face to Face at Jess Hart Nutrition HQ in the Evergreen Mall
    -What to bring: a notebook and a pen(cil)


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