Five Reasons Why I am Not Interested in Helping You Lose Weight

It’s true – I am not interested in helping you lose weight. As my client, I am passionate about helping you to feel your best, get your glow back, heal your relationship with food, and solve health problems. I am not, however, interested in making you skinny. Here are the five reasons why:

  1. Weight is not an indicator of overall health. This is a huge misconception. Instead, studies indicate that weight cycling (losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight) is a much stronger indicator of poor health and can actually lead to cardiovascular and blood sugar issues.
  2. Focussing on weight loss will trap you in the dieting mentality, keeping you in a restrict/binge cycle that only perpetuates dieting for a lifetime.
  3. Your focus on weight stops you from learning to sense your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Instead, you focus on external cues that tell you how, when, and what to eat. How will you ever stop dieting if you can’t tune into your own body’s cues?
  4. Focusing on losing weight stops you from enjoying your life right now. Your life isn’t waiting for you to lose weight.  Waiting to buy clothes until you lose 10 pounds means you live uncomfortably now, feeling bad about yourself. Waiting to fall in love, or have babies, or live your best life, or do anything until you lose weight robs you of the life you have right now.
  5. Trying to lose weight is consuming. It takes willpower, energy, determination, drive, perseverance, and laser focus. All of that energy, focused on making your body physically smaller, takes everything from you, leaving you with nothing for your big dreams.

I want to put all of this out there because most of my clients come to me looking for ways to be “healthy.” However, when we start chatting, most of them begin to reveal that what they really want is to lose weight. That’s because for most women, thin is synonymous with “healthy.” That is a misconception that I will spend my career fighting. So what actually makes you healthy? Let’s have a look:

  1. Implementing stress reduction techniques
  2. Moving your body for fun (and not for punishment)
  3. Having healthy relationships
  4. Staying socially connected
  5. Following your heart and your intuition
  6. Getting enough sleep
  7. And, of course, eating your veggies 🙂

Yep, those are the biggest indicators of longevity, healthy living, and happiness! Those are the things that will help you find happiness in your life, wake up energized, be comfortable in your skin, and feel satisfied with your amazing life.

Not coincidentally, these are the precise habits that I am passionate about helping my clients implement in their lives. Oh! I almost forgot: these habits are not necessarily correlated with size. You can live the life you dream of; the one where you have the courage to follow your heart, where you don’t allow anything to get in the way of your success, and where you wake up every morning excited by the possibilities that lie ahead, without reaching a certain number on the scale.

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