Control, Diets, and The Power of Making Small Changes

Got food issues? Got control issues? Me too. I love being in control and always find myself fighting hard to hold onto it, in every aspect of my life. For me, diet and exercise regimes have always been easy substitutes for actual control. For example, instead of making the decision to go to bed early so I feel rested and stop craving sweets, I make a sweeping decision that I will eschew sugar for 12 weeks and join a sugar detox group. Instead of deciding to go for a walk whenever I feel like moving my body, I decide that a rigorous, self-punishing exercise plan, commencing at 5am every day for 12 weeks is the only way to go. Instead of listening to my body’s subtle hunger and fullness cues, I decide to weigh, measure, and track my food using apps like Weight Watchers or My Fitness Pal. All to feel just a little more in control over my life.

See what I mean? In reality, I just want to feel normal: alert, full of energy, well rested, loved and appreciated. And instead of assessing what I was doing to help me feel great in each of those areas, I make sweeping blanket changes to assume ‘control.’

This time, despite the fact that I am craving control like crazy, I am going to focus on little changes that I know will make a big difference. I am going to find pleasure and meaning in the little things, I am going to be mindful and engaged when I play with my kids, I am going to eat foods that I know make my body feel good, I going to go to bed on time, and I am NOT going to make grand, sweeping changes for the sake of getting a smaller body or finding a false sense of control. And I am inviting you to join me!

In May: join my intro to Intuitive eating program. We are going to focus on learning how to sense hunger and fullness, eat mindfully, slow our automatic negative thought patterns, figure out where our dieting history comes from, and how to fix our negative relationships with food. (Spoiler Alert: It’s by eating anything you want, without restriction!)

In June: we will focus on making little changes that will help us feel calm, organized, well-rested, happy and fulfilled through a 21-day Vibrant & Alive group coaching program. Again, you will eat the food you love without restriction, and add in fun challenges to make you come alive and feel your very best for the summer!  

Want to join me in either or both of these group programs? Shoot me an email and I will tell you how to get started :).