My Approach

I love food. I love the sense of fullness and comfort it brings to my belly when I am sad or lonely, I love the feeling of belonging when standing around a table of appetizers at a party with friends, I love sitting down to a candle lit table surrounded by family and friends, I love expressing my love to family by cooking them delicious meals and snacks. And I didn’t necessarily want those things to change when I decided to become healthier. However, I also know that the food we eat matters. It impacts the way that our brains work, how our bodies feel and move, and even impacts our relationships with other people and the planet. Therefore, it is important to me to align my personal style with a nutrition and food philosophy that I can make work in my own life.

Throughout my journey, I have found that I my food philosophy can really be summed up by these words: Fresh, Whole, Vibrant, Delicious. I believe that food should be fresh: this means I cherish producers and value choosing local products as often as possible. These products are more nutrient dense, less industrialized, and are closer to their whole food form. Which brings me to value #2: whole. This means food that is as close to its natural state as possible with very minimal processing. Processing destroys vital nutrients and often adds in products that aren’t good for us, in order to give food a longer shelf life. Eating food in its original package helps us make the most of the food we eat. #3: I believe that food should be vibrant AND make us feel vibrant. Brightly coloured fruits and veggies, picked at their peak are gorgeous and vibrant, a sign that they are healthy and full of good stuff. Finally, food should be delicious; without compromise.