My Approach

I love food. I love the sense of fullness and comfort it brings to my belly when I am sad or lonely, I love the feeling of belonging when standing around a table of appetizers at a party with friends, I love sitting down to a candle lit table surrounded by family and friends, I love expressing my love to family by cooking them delicious meals and snacks. And I didn’t necessarily want those things to change when I decided to become a nutritionist. However, I also know that the food we eat matters. It impacts the way that our brains work, how our bodies feel and move, and even impacts our relationships with other people and the planet. Based on those things, here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • First of all, I prioritize boosting energy and balancing blood sugar so you feel alive. When working with me, we will focus on self-care, stress-reduction, and finding contentment.
  • Secondly, I take a health at every size approach to working with clients. I do not work with clients who specifically want to lose weight; diets don’t work. You already know that. Instead, I use an Intuitive Eating approach to help clients make peace with food by learning to sense their own hunger and fullness cues, eat mindfully, and accept their bodies.
  •  Finally, I know that the food we eat makes a difference in how our bodies feel and how our brains work. I will help you find ways to maximize digestion, choose foods that make you feel your best, and teach you how to make that food taste delicious.