Hi, I’m Jess! Welcome to my corner of the Internet :).

Some fun stuff about me: I love cooking, black coffee, dinner parties, red wine, and slow, small town living. I am a wife and mama to two sweet girls, earned a BA in International Studies (mostly because I am passionate about food security, global hunger, and community development), and love my ‘day job’ in post-secondary education. I became a Nutritionist because I knew it would give me the opportunity to channel my love for healthy cooking and eating into a tangible way to impact my community’s health, wellness, and food security.

I am a firm believer in Intuitive Eating and take a Health at Every Size approach when working with clients. I am a graduate of the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as well as theĀ  Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

I love all things food related and strive to make healthy eating less confusing and more delicious!